Sakura and timing

Well as it turns out, my timing to arrive in Tokyo was excellent – the cherry blossoms (sakura) were in bloom, which they only do for one week in the year. I was lucky enough to be taken out to see them, and I understand why it’s such a big event on the Japanese calendar.  They are breathtaking, but disappear very quickly, so it’s all a bit poetic too.  I took these pictures of the trees loaded with blossoms on a Sunday, and was told that by Monday or Tuesday, they’ll be gone.

As well as being extremely beautiful, they are also extremely popular:

Not only is it a chance to see stunning foliage, but it’s also a great reason to go and sit under the trees with beers and sake.  Which, as I can now testify, is excellent.


3 thoughts on “Sakura and timing

  1. They are indeed! They’ve stayed for longer than I first though – the blossoms near the Imperial Palace were still in bloom today – but they don’t look like they have long left. The weekend will probably be the last of them, then there’s a whole year to wait until the next batch.

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