Japanese electioneering – a visual tour

I’m assuming there must be some sort of election going on at the moment here – my lack of a TV and functional Japanese illiteracy makes it difficult to determine. But, always one to put in my two political cents, I’ll judge the candidates based on purely visual terms. After all, even if they don’t want to admit it, that’s what everyone pretty much does in most elections anyway.

I firstly saw this fellow the other afternoon:

He had a lot to say to the passers-by, but no-one really seemed to be listening. The fellow beside him also reminded me a lot of Brant from The Big Lebowski, so extra points for that.

Then, this poster was foisted on me at the train station the other morning:

If I could vote, I’d vote for that guy! Now he looks like a fella you wouldn’t mess with.

4 thoughts on “Japanese electioneering – a visual tour

  1. Oh yes – I’m in Japan now! I just got the Japanese Intarweb and am catching up to what’s happened everywhere, so I’ll drop you on of those electronic communique things I keep hearing about very soon.

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