Wherein I am vanquished by the chocolately New World Order

So, either:

  • this was originally a typographic mistake;
  • it’s just plain quirky;
  • there’s a shadowy conspiracy to ensure that this candy was carefully engineered to make my personal purchase guaranteed.

Obviously, Crunky is unfathomably crafty. And tasty.


6 thoughts on “Wherein I am vanquished by the chocolately New World Order

  1. It’s super-crunkalicious! In fact, it reminded me a lot of that chocolate you can get in Australia with the blue, white and red wrapper than contains rice bubbles or something, which is also fairly crunky. It’s presented as a pull-out tray with two rows of individually neatly-wrapped candy. I would have taken a picture… but I was hungry.

  2. I like the way Schnerrub thinks. I don’t believe the Australian product to which you refer is still available….meaning this is the last Crunking chocolate we have access to…..send them over at once I pray verilly.

  3. Ha! MDB is fixing your poor, broken code. This comment has little to do with your crunking adventures but I thought it worth pointing out that lumberjack took ages to process because it was looping in a crunky (and useless) way. Can you do no more!?

    Me says:That’s exactly what I want to hear about, of course! I dropped a logic bomb through the firewall. You might need to XOR it with Web 2.0.

  4. So, does this crunky stuff have rice bubbles in it too? Think you meant the Nestle Crunch. Seahorse-ily. [nods] niiiceee. Tricksey too.

  5. Ah yes, Nestle Crunch, that’s the one, with the rice bits! It’s quite similar. Maybe they don’t sell it any more because the name wasn’t nearly as interesting as its competitors.

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