So, it turns out I embody metaphors now.

Well, I’m sure a lot of people have tried sashimi:

It’s artfully presented and delicious – and most importantly, raw. That seems to be a mental stumbling block for a lot of people, but it doesn’t actually taste as fishy as you would expect. For me, it’s more about the texture than the taste.

But I guess that’s old hat for a lot of people, so may I present bashimi:

What’s this? Why it’s raw horse, of course! Horse heart, horse fat, horse flesh.

So, do I feel like eating raw horse was a turning point in my life? Yes. Yes I do.


9 thoughts on “So, it turns out I embody metaphors now.

  1. You been to the fish markets yet? You gotta go – everything that is edible (and not) in the ocean is there for the gawking at. Best sushi in Tokyo too.

  2. I haven’t been to the fish markets yet, but it’s on my list to go and take pictures and eat sushi at 6am. I hear it’s best to go there quite early to see all the action, so I might go in summer when it ‘s a bit more pleasant at that time of day.

    Oh, and you can get Tang with sashimi, it turns out! I ordered Tang instead of sake and the whole restaurant was looking at me, presumably out of a reverent sense of complete awe.

  3. Hey – you’ve got a new desk! And we are still using infopoint (a little) and pointdexter is only partially broken!

    So many things are still slightly ok! You need to work on your dead man switches.

  4. Hmm .. It feels more noble to go this way rather than being boiled down for glue .. anyway .. I’ve heard a rumor that Tsukiji might be closing down (although I don’t see how this is possible), so you might want to get the low down on that before you wait till summer :).

  5. A new desk? Awesome. I bet it doesn’t have convex-death-trap stylings going on like my old desk did, though.

    Oh yes, sorry for the lack of Infopoint fodder that I promised – I’m working on a way of turbo-posting to the Conspiracy Point blog soon.

    Thanks for letting me know that not everything is completely broken yet. And regarding deadman switches: you may yet be pleasantly surprised!

  6. On Tsukiji fish markets closing down: someone also told me the other night that there may be limited access to tourists (and Wikipedia backed it up, so you know it’s definitely right). I’m planning an expedition there tomorrow morning, since it’s Golden Week in Japan and it’s a holiday. So, hopefully I’ll get some nice shots to show.

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