Spiderman 3, Japanese style

I saw ‘Supaidaaman 3’ a couple of nights ago, and thought it was an excellent addition to the series. I absolutely love the design of the poster, too:

Japanese cinemas are a little different too (from Australia, at least), in that all the seating is reserved and you are assigned a particular seat. It’s not cheap though – a trip to the movies will cost 1800 yen, about AUD $18! The first day of the month is a cheap ticket night luckily, so we got a discount rate of 1000 yen.

This particular movie was subtitled in Japanese, which helped me to get little glimpses of words I could read in Japanese and hear in English. I was almost inhaling the heady aroma of literacy at certain points! I’ve also been told there are some pre-subtitled movies which have one set of foreign subtitles at the bottom of the screen, and the Japanese subtitles running vertically down the right-hand side.

The original pick was to see Babel. Of course, being spoken in multiple languages, the necessary subtitles are in Japanese, rendering large sections of it unintelligible to those who can’t read them. I can, however, enjoy the irony of this situation.

And although I haven’t seen Rocky Balboa yet, I think I can be satisfied just seeing the poster:


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