It had better be full of Texas T at least…

I had heard the stories, but nothing could prepare me for seeing it with my own eyes.

Behold! The AUD $20 watermelon:

Or for those on a budget, perhaps a rockmelon (AUD $6)?

I’m not sure why they are so expensive. Perhaps in a country where space is at such a premium, you have to pay for all that luxurious volume the watermelon is occupying.

Of course, ‘expensive’ is relative. A quick Google search revealed stories of the legendary $100 square watermelons.

On a side note – aren’t those LCD price tags cool? No need to answer, it was rhetorical – of course they are.


4 thoughts on “It had better be full of Texas T at least…

  1. I was going to say .. that’s pretty good prices! Not far of Aus prices I think. I remember paying approx 1000Y ($10) for a single apple. Admittedly the apple was the size of my head and tasted oh so sweet, crispy, and juicy!

    I wonder if those price tags are linked to sensors on the shelf .. the more the product is taken off the shelf, the more the price goes up ..

  2. Oh, LCD price tags. For a 2nd there, I thought they were sitting on scales. Not that I’m slow or anything.

    You will definitely have to post if you do see a square melon. One that isn’t made of cake…..

  3. Xamis: I’d link the LCD prices, just as you say. That way, your supermarket would be your own little capitalistic microcosm, where demand instantly affects prices! To make shopping more interesting, hopefully this means that your customers would actually start hurting each other in order to get lower prices, or on the downside, they’d form shopping co-ops to buy in bulk at rock-bottom prices. But the funniest thing is that there actually is a bar in Berlin that does this with beer prices!

    And seriously, how much do you pay for a watermelon in Australia??

    Leanne: oh yeah, if I find a square watermelon, it definitely gets a photo. I’d like to tell you how it tastes, but at $100… maybe not. Still, I’ll always have cake.

  4. If you find a square watermelon, don’t buy it. It will never be as delicious as the cake version, and will only lead to disappointment, depression and an ever increasing sense of emptiness.

    Damn non-cake fruit!

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