Worshipping idols

I walking through Akihabara (Electric Town) on a lovely Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and in between all the electronics shops was an open area where big crowds were gathered. And this is why they were there:

This, I believe, is my first idoru (Japanese idol) sighting. Legend has it that they are carefully groomed (or manufactured) from a young age to try to become mega-pop stars – which may or may not happen, of course. She wasn’t the only one on this day – there were about 4 or 5 dotted around the area, all belting their songs out. I get the impression that the performers here were trying to make their mark and start their careers.

And what sort of people would perhaps be interested in such a performance?

Yes, there’s a certain demographic slant there – I didn’t see too many women watching these shows. I think about 1 in 2 of the guys watching had a camera or digicam too, and were intensely taking snaps. There were also some photographers doing the rounds, loaded up with professional-looking gear and looking very serious about what they were doing.

But isn’t it kind of strange for me to talk about that when I, myself, was walking around with a decent enough camera? Well, I’m glad you asked, it’s a funny story actualloh my god what’s that amazing thing over there?!


5 thoughts on “Worshipping idols

  1. The important difference between me and all the other guys there taking photos was that it was completely different.

  2. Not so many judges exactly, but plenty of intense looking admirers! Most of the performers had CDs available for sale too, so I got the impression that they were already signed up with someone, and trying to increase their profile with an informal public performance.

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