Well, this wasn’t something I was expecting to find in Tokyo!

One of my favourite Australian beers, and for the bargain price of $7! And would you believe it, they even did the bottle rolling thing. I’m sure this process has some technical name…. beer snobs, a little help?

So this is the real deal, imported from .au:

Would you believe it – a VB costs $8! I saw someone drinking one of these “boutique” beers at an Irish pub. I was tempted to rush over there, hurl it at the nearest wall, and give them a stern talking to about Australian beers.  I thought this may have been misinterpreted as being rude, however.  It’s a cultural thing.


13 thoughts on “Ku-pa-zu

  1. mmmm coopers. We bought a case on Australia day that cost us a small fortune. 🙂

    and just last weekend we bought a 6 pack of Extra Dry that cost £10 – so about $25!!! 🙂 Was worth it though!

  2. Good call on the VB thing. Shoulda smashed it good!

    Oh yeah – the conference “Gala” (pronounced “Galah”) dinner only had VB as the heavy beer. This is the Outback Spectacularrrrrrrrrrr here in Qld with bloody VB. They made up for it with a bit of suggestive horse-whispering – many giggles from the usual crowd in attendance as one of the female actresses said “C’mon big bog – you have to roll over so I can mount you”.

  3. Big bog? Ew….

    BTW Chris, I wrote up a long-winded and complainy description of the Outback Spectacularrrrrrrrrrr if you ever wish to feel how truly sublime it is. Just ask and it shall be yours.

    Oh yeah, and beer = pricey!

  4. bottle rolling thing? eh you got me… and I’m a beer snob… I say drinking a glass of wine…

    eh, ok I’m just an alcoholic, time to get another I guess.

    somethings never change.

  5. MDB, I want to read sublimity about the big bog! Please send me your complainy account!

    And I think the consensus seems to be that it’s called “that bottle rolling thing”.

  6. I’m only slightly rewriting it!

    Where be good for me to send my rantolicious ramblings? If you don’t want to put an email address on here, send it to the address all my comments come with.

  7. Ow, my legacy! That’s okay though. I’ve written a NEW version. Log Snorter 8000 DX Alpha Preview Release 2 (TM). I cannot even begin to quantify exactly how much better it is, though early estimates say it’s “heaps more awesome”. Also, it smells much nicer, too.

    Actually, that’s all a lie. A lie to cover up the fact that a little piece of me just died.

  8. Well I’m glad to be of service 🙂

    Actually, a lot of the changes are just new features (TM) that people want, and throwing XML out the window as the ‘Simple’ and ‘Dumper’ packages are just a titchy bit fragile. Welcome to Generation YAML! (Plus its easier for people to edit…)

    Oh, and I renamed the Sifters to Axes. Seemed to fit better with the whole Lumberjack thing….

  9. It’s bloody un-Australian to label VB as anything other than the Very Best. Anybody who says otherwise is a TERRORIST and, worse, bloody un-orstarlyen. What other beer is shaped like a fist? Answer? None (except Fistenbrau).

    These Canadians over here could use a lesson in drinking beers shaped like fists. How else are they going to remember what to do after they’re drunk?

  10. “it’s time to leave ….. Dave” (Yes, BB runs again, unfortunately.) I can see the Oz withdrawal symptoms are beginning to take over – we’d better get you back for a cultural re-education and re-charge before releasing you back into the world. Travel may broaden the mind, but at what stage does it knock off all the interesting Oz quirks? It seems you are a marginal case. Think of a fridge stocked with ice-cold VB on a hot November afternoon – a thunder storm is preparing for the evening light show while the Kookaburras herald the approaching storm. Which flight did you say you were on??

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