What do YOU want from beer?

I have noticed an interesting trend in Japanese beer advertising of late. I submit these photos as evidence:

Guy on the right: having a good time with some friends.

Guy on the left: passing a kidney stone.

Girl on the right: rather elegantly enjoying a beer.

Guy on the left:  has just come to the horrific realisation that it’s not beer.

What does it all mean?  Is this some new-age marketing strategy that I’m not aware of?  Does advertising that their products may hurt you actually work?  So many questions…


One thought on “What do YOU want from beer?

  1. You’ve made a classic mistake when interpreting these images. If you look closely you’ll see that the hand holding the beer in each photo doesn’t actually belong to the person in the same frame. This is actually a campaign against the Japanese equivalent of “happy slapping”. Instead of people taking pictures with their phones of attackers slapping their victims – in Japan they smash a full beer into the face of the unsuspecting victim. You clearly were in an area where this passtime is quite prevalent. Next time be careful eh?

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