We gotta a great big convoy, ain’t she a worrying sight

Today, I got my first sighting of the famous black-ish vans of one of the Japanese nationalist groups:

Now, I don’t know too much about these groups other than the small amount I’ve read, but they’re usually ultra-right-wing, and often favour a return to Japan’s imperial era, serving under the Emperor. Post-World War II, Japan has a largely pacifist policy with heavy influence from the United States. I understand that the Nationalists are not big fans of this. By most accounts, they are not a group you would want to mess with, and have historically resorted to intimidation against ideological foes.

These guys were hard to miss. The blaring imperial-sounding music is the first giveaway. Follow that up with the long line of twelve weathered-looking, uniformly painted buses and vans fitted with megaphones and flags, and they stand out a bit. I didn’t find out a lot of detail about this particular group, other than that they were likely out today to mark the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

In spite of the deafening waves of marching music bouncing off the downtown buildings, most of the people around me didn’t bat an eyelid as the procession passed. I’m not sure what to compare them to exactly, but they seem to be a fixture around here, at least.


4 thoughts on “We gotta a great big convoy, ain’t she a worrying sight

  1. They sound awesome! You’ve got to join – think of all the new friends you can make. You can practice you Japanese with them – try not to use an American accent.

  2. Its like the Japanese A-Team!

    I think it would be a bad idea to tell them that though….

    The way people ignore them as they make a loud racket on the way past makes me think it may actually be a Hari-Krishna A-Team.

    Oh man, I’m so gonna make a new series out of that.

  3. MDB, that’s whack. I’ll critique it for you.

    Speaking of groups, get us some good pics of the subcultures you have seen. I’m putting in a request for the Harajuku Girls, the anime district peoples, the Japanese Goths and the Rockabilly gangsters and such. Woot! All that subculture goodness.

  4. MDB, you may be right. I tried to translate their A-Team broadcast using Babelfish and it said “I sympathize idiot”. If only I could decipher their code…

    Ooh, good idea Leanne. Put in your photo requests and I’ll go on a scavenger hunt for them.

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