Konnichiwa guvnah, I’m the Artful Dodger, I am

I bet you had no idea that Japan was quite so Dickensian as this:

Yes, gruel! Sweet, nourishing gruel! The Simpsons and Oliver Twist had perhaps ruined gruel for me forever, or so I thought. I just couldn’t say no to cow giblets, though.

If you had to compare it to something, it’s like a watery risotto:

This restaurant is in Yokohama’s massive Chinatown. It’s so good, it’s where all the other chefs in the area go to start the day right with a helping of breakfast gruel. And I know why – they really do serve up the tastiest bowl of gruel I have ever eaten.

Sadly, any Oliver Twist fantasies were short lived, despite my best efforts. I pitifully asked for some more gruel with moon-like, pleading eyes, feebly cupping my empty bowl in trembling hands. Before I even had the chance to get to my lip-quivering finale, I had a huge, piping hot bowl of fresh gruel cheerfully placed in front of me. I paid for it using my credit card.

No appreciation for the classics, I tell you.


One thought on “Konnichiwa guvnah, I’m the Artful Dodger, I am

  1. OK, I know what cow giblets are, but what the hell is cow stringry?! Is it some kind of mis-spelled dugong-stingray mutant cross? Fibre made from twisted strands of beef? A theory on how the universe is made of tiny cows all spinning and twisting together?

    Or is it best to just close your eyes and think of England?

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