I will dance on your grave in an especially stylish manner

Four and a half months, and finally, my first ninja sighting:

Rather than being those common-as-muck, deadly kind of ninjas, these guys were rumored to be from the ultra-secret Johnny Young Talent Time school:

They mixed together martial arts moves, dance moves, flips and weapon together in a kind of slickly choreographed martial arts dance.  I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a light-hearted tribute, but these guys seemed very serious about their craft, and they were certainly very athletic.

The ninja leader seemed to be having a few problems, though.  First, his plastic nunchucks broke mid-moonwalk and launched high into the air, leaving him frantically searching, spinning wildly in a most un-ninja-like manner. Later on, he stacked it during a tricky flip, grazing his side on the asphalt.  It looked rather painful.  Or it might have been for any ordinary man.

Still, for my first run-in with ninjas, they were slightly less deadly and far less invisible than I had been lead to believe.

That afternoon, I also got a pamphlet about the well-known Ninja restaurant in Tokyo.  Perhaps I will go there to continue my studies of ancient Japan.

I hear they do magic tricks after dessert, too.


4 thoughts on “I will dance on your grave in an especially stylish manner

  1. His nunchucks broke mid moonwalk?! Did he grab his crotch and scream at the sky too?

    These ninjas disappoint me.

    And the photos suggest that they may in fact be ninja cheerleaders. Maybe Mr Moonwalk was frantic about finding his nunchucks because they were actually the team’s spirit stick and dropping it on the ground doomed him for life. Hence the later graze.

    Um, erm, no, of course I didn’t watch that movie…. :S

  2. MDB is correct…the real ninjas likely crossed the road behind you while you were distracted.

    It was unfortunate that it was such an overcast day, otherwise you may have noticed a reflection, e.g. off the rim of the snare drum. Though that, of course, was no accident.

    You were lucky this time, kimo-sabi.

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