Modesty in advertising

I’m so tired of “extreme” soft drinks. So much attitude and so much fuss over fizzy water. So it’s so refreshing to see:

Yes, Coolish, the kinda-cool ice drink.  No promises of quenched thirst here. Just the promise of a moderately tepid drink that could possibly give you moderately increased social standing. Finally, a drink I can believe in.


3 thoughts on “Modesty in advertising

  1. I don’t know what’s more curious .. the fact that categorizing minus 8 centigrade as ‘coolish’ or sucking ice cream from a bag and straw.

    Would it taste like a milk shake? A slushy (for the fruit one)?

    I demand to know! Since I am experiencing Japan vicariously through you, I demand that you get all three flavours and write up what they taste like.. and if they were indeed ‘Coolish’ or frickin freezing like -8c should be.

  2. Mmmm, space ice-cream!

    I suppose -8C is quite cold for us earth people, but remember space is about 3 degrees Kelvin, so -8C (265.15 degrees Kelvin) is positively boiling.

    Mmmm, frozen boiling space ice-cream! What will the Japanese think of next?!

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