Every syllable is sacred

This happened to me tonight at dinner while eating shabu-shabu.

One of my co-workers brought his new baby.  To make small talk, I wanted to ask how old his new arrival was.  Instead of saying “ikutsu” (how old), I said “ikura” (how much).

How much?

How much for the baby?

Takeaway point: offering to buy someone’s baby in Japan is absolutely p*ss funny, apparently.


8 thoughts on “Every syllable is sacred

  1. >.< So what were your plans after you bought it? Not good for much, babies.

    Except MDB’s suggestion. I prefer mine without sauce……

  2. Whilst having children is one of the significant milestones in life, buying one (especially if it sleeps through the night and has been toilet trained already) is a coward’s way out, sir. You must endure the joys and trials of child-rearing, like the rest of civilisation.

  3. Yeah, I’ve been making plenty of embarrassing language mistakes while I’ve been here, so I thought it was high time I started cataloging them for the ages.

    And Joel: oh, I was so close to respecting you for being the only one to write about the Blues Brother’s reference before you had to go and turn my blog tag line against me again…. curse thee! I am considering changing to “A photo journal about Japan, but sometimes there aren’t any photos”, but I have a feeling it lacks zing.

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