Six month milestone extravaganza!

This week is a milestone for me…. six whole months in Japan. So how’s all that going, then? Very well, and so quickly! Things can get on top of you sometimes – an immense language barrier, a workaholic culture, a seeming average of two square meters of personal space, an irrational longing to see some actual grass or some trees, and a generally chaotic existence – but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and there’s still so much to see and do. But there’ll be plenty more on all that in the future!

To help me commemorate the occasion, please join me for a flimsily-premised montage: Fire Flowers 2: the Revenge of the Fire Flowers, taken at the Edogawa fireworks festival in August. Oh, and if you could also hum “That’s What Friends Are For” as you view it to help with the whole montage vibe, that would be great.

Plenty more at the fireworks gallery too!


7 thoughts on “Six month milestone extravaganza!

  1. Ahhh! Picture three – it’s the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

    Mmmm, beer volcano….


    Congrats on the six months. It’s weird – I could have sworn you’d been there longer.

  2. Congratulations mate, you survived your first 6 months. How long you staying btw?
    If the concrete jungle gets too much for you, my recomendation is to head out to chichibu (seibu ikebukuro line) then go camping at my old favourite site near bushu-hinno station.
    now’s a great time to go as the leaves start to turn but it isn’t too cold yet.
    drop me an email for directions and the phone number.
    NZ is wicked btw. snow season finishes on sunday. next job is as a lodge manager on a mountain track over summer.
    take it easy,

  3. *tired of humming* perhaps I will consider an aside of You Got a Friend in Me. However, nothing, but nothing will match those fireworks.

    Six months. And who are you again?

  4. Can you find out if the wii in Japan is able to be englishinated? They seem cheaper than here so I might hit you up for one when you come back to Oz-land.

  5. Awesome, thanks for the heads up! This has better be good – he has a lot of ground to make up after that late-night show and Welcher and Welcher (though he redeemed himself in TGYH a few weeks back). At least it’s on SBS, so he’s got a fighting chance.

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