Maybe you’ll get this in 2034

 Japanese food technology is just miles ahead:

“Corn Chocolate: it’s specially made fresh, natural flavor is mild and delicious.”

I am immensely relieved to report that they didn’t hold back on the corn.  Awesome.


5 thoughts on “Maybe you’ll get this in 2034

  1. Ha! MDB is now rewriting ThreatCon! He is like a surgeon removing the fine tendrils of cancer that is your code and thus all your work here…

    So… when are you coming back?

  2. MDB the surgeon, eh? Considering his school of medicine, I’d bet he’s using really invasive therapy, like cutting off the gangrenous limb and telling the patient to “get over it”. Don’t worry MDB, you historical revisionist, I’m sure all traces of my existence will be gone soon.

    Except for my salty, bitter tears.

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