They make up these names on purpose, right?

The best bit is that new chocolates are released all the time, so there is an infinite number of these to come:

Their slogan: “Doesn’t everyone deserve a little Panky every now and then?”

Well, it should be.


8 thoughts on “They make up these names on purpose, right?

  1. LOL!! Thats funny. I use to love going to vending machines in Japan. You never knew what kind of treasure you would find. The first time I went to a store in Misawa Japan I felt as if I had fallen into heaven.

  2. My Japanese born wife had a blank look on her face when she read this post. I guess that explains how such a name can come to be on a chocolate bar. I really think we should start doing for labels on western food. Stuff making up names like ‘butterfinger’ ‘watchamacallit’ ‘picnic’ ‘crunch’ I want to see names like ‘honourable one’ and ‘like drinking the smell of grass on an autumn day’ and ‘extremely bitable’ except expressed as a single character which makes no sense to 96.74% of the population.

  3. Xamis – luckily, your request for embarrassing kanji in Western countries has already been fulfilled! They’re called tattoos.

    I bet someone already unwittingly has a Chinese character tattoo on the back of their neck that says “extremely bitable”.

  4. Actually in Brisbane there was a guy walking down Queen street with the kanji for ‘cut here’ tattooed on the back of his neck. Very embarrassing .. or perhaps intentional ..

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