Walking with Maid-o-saurs

I don’t think I would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself:

(Click to make it bigger)

Very roughly translated, it says:

Walk with a maid

Explanation: walk around Akihabara and spend some time with a maid on a shopping date.  We’ll have an enjoyable time!


1 hour: AUD $60
3 hour “pack”: AUD $165
5 hour “pack”: AUD $250
Additional 35 minutes: $35

Maid cafes are already quite (in)famous in the Akihabara electronics-wonderland district.  Once you enter the cafe (apparently), I hear (through unsubstantiated conjecture) that the waitstaff are usually young ladies who (supposedly) wear maid outfits and address customers very reverentially, as they would an employer.  Allegedly.  To be fair, the equivalent “butler cafes” also exist.

“Walk with a maid” takes it to another level.  As it says, you’re paying for the company of a young lady who’s dressed like a maid or a 60’s airline hostess.  She’ll walk around on your arm (and be seen in public with you, no less!) as you tour the unequalled geeky surrounds of Akihabara, no doubt pretending to be amazed of your exploits about that time you totally owned that guy in World of Warcraft.  I was also told the story of a guy who hired one of these young ladies to go to Tokyo Disneyland for a day with him, which cost over AUD $1000.  That story makes me a little depressed.

So, it’s all generally innocent as far as I can tell, but there is something just a little bit disturbing about it…


5 thoughts on “Walking with Maid-o-saurs

  1. That is so bizarre, paying someone to be your friend for a an hour. So are you going to try it out? For research purposes of course. Call it part of your quest to live the full Japanese cultural experience 🙂

  2. Um, please don’t send one of these people over here. I’ve seen comedies about russian internet wives and the russian mafia – I’m sure this would end up in the same way, but with the Triad and swords.

    The whole ‘purchase some time for someone to fawn over you while she mentally balances her cheque book’ confuses me, especially when the ‘happy ending’ euphamism isn’t applied. What’s the point?! Sounds like a great way for a fundamentally sad person to waste money.

    BTW, ta for the bizarrely named choccy offer. I promise not to wing them on to anyone else 😀

    Oh, I promise to ACTUALLY CATCH THEM as well, rather than DROP THEM ALL OVER THE PLACE. Ahem.

  3. How’s the wii searching going? Still getting one from Japanland? Remember, I’m keen on getting one to if it can spronk Engrish…

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