In Japan, candy plays practical jokes on YOU

 Excellent, another strangely named confectionery for my rapidly appreciating collection – “Look Orchestra”:

At first, I had hoped this was a convenience store prank, like they were trying to convince me that there were some timpani sneaking up behind me.  Sadly, I was mistaken.

The mystery was later revealed by a co-worker – the brand is called “Look”, and the chocolate is called “Orchestra”, apparently because it has an “orchestra” of flavours inside.  Having tried it now, I don’t know if I can agree with the “orchestra” rating.  It was nice, but I would have to rate it somewhere between “slightly above-average high-school string quartet” and “toothless old man playing decent harmonica”.

“Look Toothless Old Man Playing Decent Harmonica” would be the most awesome name for a candy ever.


2 thoughts on “In Japan, candy plays practical jokes on YOU

  1. At least it didn’t taste like someone dropped an orchestra down the stairs.

    Is that the chocolate in the top right corner? It has bits in it….

    BTW – strawberry flavoured chocolate = tool of the devil. Delicious, tasty tool of the devil.

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