A million pieces of white

I fire up my laptop this morning, and this is what I see:

I am so stunned that I actually go to the extent of pulling the curtains back to confirm non-digitally:

Wow. There was snow in Tokyo about 10 days ago, but it was of the “This rain is kind of slushy” variety, and didn’t result in any snow on the ground.  Doesn’t count.  But today, in my non-expert opinion, there is actual snow in Tokyo. The wind whipping through the densely clustered buildings is creating a hypnotic, swirling effect on the snowflakes as they bucket down. (Bucket? Sorry, my snow-related vocabulary has never had a chance to develop).

From what I hear, such snow is a Notable Event. (Popular theory: even though Tokyo is fairly far north hemisphere-wise and might be qualified for regular snow, it’s a concrete jungle which blocks sea-breezes and traps heat, making for some very oppressive summers too).

Later, I might go out and make one of those “snow angels” I keep hearing about.  I’m not sure what the recommended technique for avoiding traffic while doing so is, however, so some research is in order.  To the library!


One thought on “A million pieces of white

  1. Ignoring your un-cemential snow for a moment, I _did_ get your recent email and I _have_ gone on holiday, so it might take me a while to get back to you.

    Now, the snow. Could you package some of that up and send it here? I’ve never seen snow before, and I might as well see high tech japanese snow. Don’t forget to put it in bubblewrap so it doesn’t break.


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