One day son, all this will be yours

In Odaiba, a very popular leisure spot in Tokyo, there’s the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.   There’s lots of great stuff there but the crown jewel is this:

A honkin’ big globe.  The really cool part is that this globe is animated, and can download feeds of real-time weather data to display clouds and the like.  Not only that, but it can cycle through different types of data, like thermal images, or night light maps, or data overlays.

Thoughtfully, there are some reclining chairs in the viewing gallery below so you can lie back and watch the world go by:

I really, really want one of these for my living room.  Slight problem though – I would have to rent the apartments of my both next door neighbours, as well as those above and below.  And then there are some pesky walls in the way.

But this is Japan, the land of miniaturisation!  I sit by my letterbox, eagerly awaiting the news that I can own the most educational disco ball ever created.


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