It cost 150 yen where a bunch of 5 cost 250 yen, but I had to try it:

Judging by the presentation, there’s no way this could be an ordinary banana. Except that it was. Very ordinary.

I mainly bought this to record the phenomenon that is the Premium Banana, but I feel guilty whenever I buy one of the many products here with excessive packaging. The worst offenders are packs of biscuits where each of twenty small biscuits is individually wrapped in foil, sitting on a plastic tray, and once again wrapped in foil. Or for that matter, the chocolates you give on Valentine’s Day.


5 thoughts on “Ultra-fruit

  1. I thought the banana was already wrapped – namely in its own skin.

    When are you coming down to visit Oz? I thought it was soon. I’ll be away I think if it is anytime in the next week and a half (NZ and Hamilton Is.).

    Zane is also rewriting some of your code. We have nearly finished purging the memory of your existence from our office!

  2. No, this is a “Premium” Banana. It will have a microchip in the label that scans and monitors to extend the freshness and keep it … well, hermetically sealed….

    Like the skin would if it hadn’t had plastic surgery.

  3. The plastic bag has one of those little recycle symbols on it so technically, you could put it in with your plastics for recycling…

    In my friend’s neighborhood in Gifu, they had to write their names on their garbage and got shamed in the neighborhood newsletter if they didn’t recycle fully… it was funny as.

    How did the Proficiency Test go? It IS April… you should get your results any day now!

    Rach x

  4. @Rachael: yeah, they recently implemented a new recycling system where I live. It used to just be burnables and non-burnables, but now there’s at least three different classes of plastics we have to sort everything into. I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it right.

    Oh, and I passed my proficiency test! On to level 3!

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