Behold, the distant present!

One of the cool things about living in Japan is how much earlier all the games come out here. Decades earlier. So get ready to suffer in your jocks: I’ve got Mario Kart!

What’s that? You already have Mario Kart? It’s out everywhere around the world already? Well… okay then, smart guy, is your “Mario Kaato” box in Japanese?

So, I believe that puts me 318 cachet points up for the all-important win. And just to pile on a few more points, rather than a steering wheel, the Mario Kart accessory is interestingly called a “doraibingu handoru” (driving handle) in Japanese.

At any rate, I’d been hanging out for this version of Mario Kart for ages, trying to recapture my misspent youth with the original Super Nintendo version. Unfortunately, my nostalgia gland omitted to remind me how freaking frustrating Mario Kart can be at times. Still, it’s great to justify playing games as Japanese study, even if the only words I really need to know are “last lap”, “you lost”, and a healthy sailor’s vocabulary.


6 thoughts on “Behold, the distant present!

  1. Is there a method of playing it that doesn’t involve using the wiimote as a steering wheel?

    I totally suck at that cow racing game in Wii Play….

  2. Yep, you can use a GC controller with the analog joystick. One minor downside is you lose the neat new feature that warning bells come from each player’s own controller rather than the TV.

    Still, although I had apprehensions about using a floating steering wheel before I used it, after a minute of play, I was sold. Very intuitive, works just like you would expect a steering wheel to (unless you’re Amish and don’t drive).

  3. *ahem*

    The amish are on to something you know – how many amish are killed in high speed accidents on highways, hmm?

    None, that’s how many. Well, ok, if their horse and buggy happens to wander onto a highway during a street race, maybe then, but that’s not the amish’s fault and I’m sure Today Tonight has something to say about those hoons on our streets running over our Aussie battler grannies who have been conned by their local tv repairman, who just might be one of those filthy immigrants stealing our jobs and filling our beaches with used syringes while refusing to sell us alcohol and converting our children into mindlessly violent video-game zombies.

    Now I’m off to make some cheese.

  4. Ha! This is quite funny actually. As MDB was typing this (on his wooden keyboard) he was actually helping raise a barn.

    Oh… he’s just had ice cream squished in his face and Harrison Ford just shot the guy that did it.

    mmmm … ice cream with blood topping.

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