On not-death and Odaiba

So, I happened to be in New York last week… or did I?

No, Tokyo just has a 1/6 scale replica of the Statue of Liberty (of course). The place you can find this is called Odaiba, and it’s stuffed full of entertainment venues, museums, restaurants and the like.

The interesting thing about Odaiba is that it’s situated on an artificial island south-east of central Tokyo.  Legend has it (i.e. a friend told me) that the island is in fact constructed largely out of garbage.

The bridge to Odaiba is called “Rainbow Bridge” (in English, interestingly).  Even better, the monorail station you board to get to Odaiba is called “Tokyo Teleport”.  My fragile dreams were crushed to find out tragically terrestrial its mode of carriage actually was.

Not bad for garbage, eh?