Radio silence

Yes, things have been a bit quiet here of late. A combination of travel and getting flattened by flu does not seem to aid writing. That, plus the fact that my aged Canon EOS 300D appears to have given up the ghost. So, it looks like it’s time to go camera shopping! The Sony Alpha-300 is looking good at the moment, and they’ve got some cashback dealy to boot.

Until then, something interesting from the other day. Although the Japanese pictograph system (kanji) is a terrible thing to learn how to pronounce correctly, divining the meaning out of a word can be fun sometimes.

Last week, I had a painful mouth ulcer and needed to go to a chemist to get some medicine. After some research so I’d know what to ask for, mouth ulcer turned out to be “kounaien” in Japanese. When you write it using kanji, it looks like this:

Breaking it down, each of these kanji are basic concepts:

Mouth, inside, fire

Now those were some characters I could definitely sympathise with. So much more descriptive than “ulcer”! There’s something to be said for pictographs after all.


8 thoughts on “Radio silence

  1. You don’t know me, but I’ve followed your blog for months and I just wanted to say that it’s good to have you back!

    [Thanks very much! When I can snag my new camera, hopefully I’ll be writing a bit more often again.]

  2. Greetings Command

    Good to know you are still around and well. I do hope you get a camera soon. I like to see more interesting pictures and of course stories to go with them.

    Brings back the days of House of Phranging 🙂

  3. Aha! Back to work yet? Some guy from some organisation I can’t tell you about wanted to call you about stuff I can’t mention here. I gave your mobile so expect a call from this chap. I thought that would be ok. Was FIRST good? I’m a dad now – how cool is that!

    [ First off, congratulations to you both! That’s fantastic news.

    I got a phone call from some mysterious number last week, but I didn’t get to it in time and they never called back. Mysterious indeed.

    FIRST was okay – most presentations were same old, but I saw at least three great ones, which seems to be a good hit rate for a conference these days. ]

  4. Glad to hear that you’re ok 😀

    Being sick in a foreign country sucks. My best ‘sick’ experience was dying my hair blonde and getting sooooo much better service at the local clinic — they even brought food and juice TO MY HOUSE. As a brunette I got nothing and was a 1000 times sicker. Ah Japan.

    I recommend getting hold of some ‘tori nanban’ – it is like chicken noodle soup and it seems to work better than the drugs they give you.

    So the big question is… is The Dark Knight out in .jp yet?

    [ So… you’re saying that maybe I should go blonde? I went to the doctor, and he basically said “Just keep resting, and if you still feel off in 2 days, go to a bigger hospital.” Gee, thanks, doc! It was the point that he said, “So, what do YOU think you’ve got?”, that I started to get worried.

    At least the whole experience only cost me $12, including medicine – socialised medicine rocks! In Australia, it costs me $60 for the doctor to give me a 5 minute consultation before telling me to go and get some rest.

    And no, Dark Knight isn’t out here yet, but at least the August 2 release isn’t far away. Iron Man, on the other hand, doesn’t come out until September. Grumble, grumble…]

  5. Glad to hear you a back up and blogging. From what I hear there could be reasons other than just being sick that might have distracted you 😀

    [ Hey, now just what are you correctly insinuating? ]

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