But does it come in BBQ?

During a long weekend in Hakone, a resort town about 2 hours from Tokyo, there was an interesting ice-cream shop:

30 flavours

You really need to click on the photo to see the details, but the sign starts with Strawberry flavour, meanders through slightly less common “Peach”, jags to “Purple Sweet Potato” (popular in Japan), then “Green Soybean”, “Tiny Rice Crackers & Peanuts”, and finally, “Potato Chip”.  Not being one to pass up a unique ice cream eating opportunity, I ordered Potato Chip.

I thought that perhaps they used some artificial ingredients to make it, but no.  The attendant tipped a packet of chips into a machine which ground them up and blended them with the ice cream.  Like so:

Potato chip ice cream

Verdict?  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there weren’t enough potato chips.  It was more like vanilla soft serve with gritty particles spread throughout, like you had dropped it on the ground but were too cheap to buy another one.  Still, for ga rit-based dessert, it was very nice.

I’m interested to know if I could bring my own ingredients along to blend in.  Chili?  Fondue?  Hamburger?  And think about how much healthier kids would be eating broccoli ice cream.

I think there could be a market here.


2 thoughts on “But does it come in BBQ?

  1. If the same process is involved, I want to see the Cherry Tree one, I wonder .. do they start the process with a large mulching machine?

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