As much as I hate to bring up the 80’s, this bike found in Hakone looks like it came straight out of M.A.S.K.:


I wouldn’t be surprised if it could launch depleted Awesomium-tipped missiles out of its sidecar.  It would probably also do one of those lame M.A.S.K. transformations, like you put the antenna up and twist the beverage holder and it turns into Slightly Different Motorcycle with Elongated Antenna and Death Cup Holder (TM).

At least, I have no evidence that it couldn’t do either of those things, so let’s assume that it could for the sake of clinging to my childhood memories.


5 thoughts on “M-M-M-Mask

  1. Ah the sidecar – the granny flat of the automotive world. I’ve often wondered what effect a sidecar has on the overall steering of a motorcyle. I’m guessing it would be classified as ‘not good’.

    I don’t see Awesomium on the Periodic Table of Awesoments, but then again it might be wildly inaccurate. For one thing, Boobs (awesoment 13, symbol Bb) is grouped with Space (31, S) and Mountain Dew (5, Mt), which frankly would be a terrifying combination.

  2. The Periodic Table of Awsoments! Hmmph, I see you side with _that_ crowd. But then, I come from the classical school of physicists which still believe in just 4 basic elements: awesomium, radalite, funkatron and gnarlium 40. It was a big movement back in the 80’s.

    Oh, and if observed correctly, it looked like the sidecar could seat 2! Which might make it the first sofa-equipped motorbike ever made.

  3. The 4 excellent elements theory suffered quite a blow with the addition of the theoretical fifth element coolerite (or coolumerite depending on where you are in the world) in the early 90’s.

    Gnarlium 40 is just plain dangerous – too much exposure and you’ll break out in Ollies and Railstands, and eventually succumb to the creaping Heelflips.

    And I’m pretty sure a motorbike + sofa combination would cause some kind of awesomeness black hole (which itself would add to the awesome and make matters worse). Be wary of the recliner unicycle too.

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