Unfortunate letter alignment

You’ve tried the sandwich, now I invite you to try:



3 thoughts on “Unfortunate letter alignment

  1. Is there a japanese word like ‘shittona’? ‘Cos that could be misused _everywhere_.

    Come to think of it, I task you with finding valid japanese words that could be used with almost anything to make 15-year-old-minded people giggle with glee.

    What exactly is shittori? My first guess would be something like ‘cream swirl’ going by the actual product, but previous encounters with some japanese descriptive terms suggests that it might mean something like ‘snow intestines’ or ‘chocolate galaxy’.

  2. Ah! Just had a look and “shittori” means “moist”. Actually, since it was there in the dictionary too, I’m going to go with “damp roll” as a translation.

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