4700 miles east of 4000 miles north

Well, this will be the last post of 2008.  I’m spending it recuperating from a year of work and study, staying with family on Vancouver Island in Canada.  There’s been a historic snowfall here – everything is blanketed, so it looks like my first white Christmas!

I’m staying in a town with a population in the ten thousands, and so the difference to Tokyo couldn’t be greater.  Bald eagles fly around and perch on trees near the river, looking for salmon down below.  In the barber shop, everyone greets everyone by name.  Stores close at 5pm on the dot, and it’s a ghost town on Sundays.  Someone directing traffic through the icy streets was chatting to a passerby about his family.  And of course, everyone speaks glorious, glorious English.  Well, something close to English anyway, eh?  (Sorry Canadians – really, you’re all very nice).

Well, today is my first day ever of learning how to snowboard, and if I survive, I’ll be back and posting next year.  Here’s a few pictures of snowy Vancouver Island for anyone about to have a much hotter Christmas while insisting on sending Christmas cards that pretend we can all make snowmen in the southern hemisphere.

Merry Christmas and a yoi otoshi o (Happy New Year)!

Puntledge River in the winter

Coastal run


Surface of the snowy moon

Reverse polar bear joke

The aliens planted it here


3 thoughts on “4700 miles east of 4000 miles north

  1. Merry Christmas and happy New Year yourself! It’s been an awesomely awesome year of vicarious Japan-land living through the magic of 4kmn, so keep ’em coming in 2009 🙂

  2. Hoope you had a great festive season. Have a safe New Year and yeah what he said about the Sun Empire stuff. 🙂

    Your photos, as usual, a great. Frozen apples, anyone…

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