It’s beginning to feel a bit like Japan

When you’re mushing dogs across ice and snow one day:

Go, you mighty stallions!

… and seeing this fellow the next:

Giga punk

… you know you’re not in Canada anymore.

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (Happy New Year)!  Some time away does wonders for perspective and motivation.  Actually, my New Year’s resolution is to not be so combative to language aquisition.  You know, be like water, the whole Bruce Lee thing.  Which, given the whole immersion situation, would seem to make good sense.

Canada was lovely – my first white Christmas (and Vancouver Island’s first in many years). For a place which gets little snow normally, it was white for two weeks solid, which did actually get a bit old after slipping on ice for the fifth time. However, snow does make snowboarding significantly easier.  As everyone predicted, the first day of learning is hellish, and the second heavenly.  Besides, even if you’re in a seated and agonized position for most of the first day, at least you can enjoy the view:

Mt Washington

Other than learning how to snowboard and living to tell the tale, one of the other highlights was getting enthusiastically dragged through a Siberian-grade forest by these two:

Dog sledders

I ended up taking 300 photos of dog-sledding.  On review, this turned out to mostly include shots of the departing ends of the dogs I was being dragged by.  So if anyone’s in the mood to make a collage out of 200 dog-arse shots, you know where to find me.


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to feel a bit like Japan

  1. Hey – just had a chat with Zane about url_report (yes it still is running). Three times in one sentence he said “the code is sh*t”.

    How’s that make you feel?

    Apparently you can see it is very “newbie” code.

    Anyway – how’s things?

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