The weirdness comes to Japan

I don’t think this is exclusive to Japan, but I was very surprised to see this piece of Australia on Omotesando, a famous high-end shopping avenue in Tokyo:

Cosmetics with Dame Edna

I wasn’t familiar with “Mac”, but found out it is a cosmetics chain. This would lead me to believe, if I am not mistaken, that they are using Dame Edna to sell…. cosmetics.

I am not a marketing guy.  However, I am now lead to believe that marketers must operate on a plane far, far away from the one I operate on, for at first glance, this seems like a terrible, terrible idea that I cannot begin to fathom.  I am also assuming that they got paid actual, real money for doing this, and probably a lot of it.

At the very least, I think you’d have to agree that as far as marketing campaigns go, this is, in many respects, ballsy.


2 thoughts on “The weirdness comes to Japan

  1. Ballsy, yes.

    And so is Mac. One of the trendiest makeup brands around, often seen lurking in the vicinity of Myers, DJ and other upmarket places … obviously. =)

  2. I can see the marketing team now…

    Marketer 1: “Right we need something feminine… but something with some balls…”
    Marketer 2: “what? you mean like a drag queen?”
    Marketer 3: “I’ve got a great idea…”

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