Going foreign on the cheap

For just a few hundred yen at your local toy store, you too can look like a foreigner!  You’ll be the hit of the party!


The packaging says “Hero Gaijin-san! (Hello Mr. Foreigner!)”. 

Should I be offended?  Maybe I should be offended.  I don’t feel offended.

I have to go away and think about this for a while.

2 thoughts on “Going foreign on the cheap

  1. You should have bought one and worn it around to really confuse people.

    BTW, a colleague of yours was here today. He brought chocolate covered potato chips. We need to set up a supply chain, stat.

    • The chocolate-cover potato chips melted my brain the first time I saw them. And, far from just being edible, they’re actually pretty good. You can clog your arteries and become diabetic with just one snack – Japan has a reputation for efficiency to maintain, of course.

      Oh, and and extra note regarding the foreigner getup – I’ve learned that for Japanese people, foreigners don’t have big noses, they have “takai hana (tall noses)”. And, against expectations – it’s seen as being a good thing!

      Downside: lots of spam emails saying “Add 1nch3s to your n0se!”.

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