Drink while sitting in a tiny chair

The beverage market in Japan is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Convenience store drink shelves bulge with drinks which come into being and vanish on a daily basis, all trying bizarre new hooks to stand out from an extremely crowded market.  For example: the first coffee I’ve ever seen endorsed by an airline.

Cafe de Sky

JAL is the Japanese equivalent of Qantas (or Ansett, when there was still such a thing).   This is the equivalent of seeing a Qantas-branded coffee at your local 7-11 (marketing slogan: “You don’t like to drink it when you’re a captive audience – now try it at sea level!”).

Cafe de Sky

The blurb says something along the lines of “With knowledge of delicacies from around the world, JAL’s cabin attendants have helped bring this coffee to you.  This is the same coffee that’s used in first class…”.  I guess the picture is of the meeting where the cabin attendants are designing their upcoming marketing strategy.

I can testify that this coffee tastes very similar to that which you get on the plane.  That is not a recommendation.


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