I blame them for trying

Yesterday was White Day in Japan. For the uninitiated, I wrote about Valentine’s Day in Japan previously but the executive summary is this: on Valentine’s Day, ladies give guys chocolates (out of either affection or obligation). One month later, on White Day, men reciprocate – the catch being that the guy’s gift should be at least three times the value of what they received on Valentine’s Day.

Obviously, some clever person working for  a Japanese chocolate company saw a problem just waiting to be fixed.  “So, if only half of the population buys chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and the other half only on White Day… what if we could make everyone buy chocolates on both days every year?”

And so, “reverse” chocolates were born.  At least, the marketing campaign to encourage guys to give girls chocolates on Valentine’s Day AND White Day was born.  One manufacturer even took the creative step of temporarily printing their packaging using mirror-writing to promote the ‘reverse’ idea:

Reverse chocolates

Nice try, chocolate companies.  I hope your sales graphs for February produced much swooning and warming of hearts.  Awww.


One thought on “I blame them for trying

  1. So, basically once again the japanese take a western idea (valentine’s day) and manage to make it work ten thousand times better than the original.

    And by ‘better’ in this case I mean ‘more crassly commercial and ultimately meaningless’.

    Woo, forced romance!

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