I am Giga Pudding, Destroyer of Worlds

You’re sitting on your couch one day, surrounded by your own filth and eating a crème caramel. “Wouldn’t it be great,” you think to yourself, “if I could perhaps compress the nutritional value of TWENTY crème caramels into a single, enormous bucket of crème caramel?”

Sir or madam, I believe this is your lucky day. Bear witness to the Giga Pudding and tremble:


The text along the right side reads: “Let’s make the enormous pudding of our dreams!”. I only wish my dreams were so exotic.

A Giga Pudding goes for a rather pricey $42 AUD (today, at least – thanks to exchange rate fluctuations, who knows what it might cost next week). Surprisingly, you’ll find them in toy shops rather than supermarkets. I was slightly disappointed to find out that although we now have Giga Pudding technology, you can’t yet buy a massive, ready-to-eat bucket of gelatinous goo – you have to make it from a powder and wait until it solidifies.

That someone actually decided to sell this as a product is second only to the advertisement. Somehow, this had me glued in front of the store display for ten minutes straight. I guess I had to keep watching until I had memorised all the lyrics.


9 thoughts on “I am Giga Pudding, Destroyer of Worlds

  1. There was a sale on Creme Caramels at Aldi a few years back. I bought 27 twin packs (their entire remaining stock). They were finished within a week.

    I discovered that the fastest way to consume them was to shake vigorously, rip off the lid and down them like a gooey delicious drink.

    I’m not sure how much these toy tubs contain, but I believe I am up to the challenge. As long as they don’t contain any wheat.

  2. umm… I watched that ad… and I’m sure that was a super mario brothers level… I’m sure I could never get past that one, kept getting squished by the business guy with the spoon

  3. How on earth has no-one, and I mean no-one at all, said the obvious Simpson’s quote for this post? I am shocked and a little perturbed by this.

    All right,, brain, it’s all up to you. If you don’t think of what it is, we’ll lose Marge forever.

    Eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding eat the pudding.

    Okay. But then we gotta get to work.

    Thank you. oyasumi nasai


  4. OK… here is the deal I have been searching toy stores all over the world and I cannot get my hands on this shit. I need websites, people that will send this, or anything really. I am in need of GIGA PUDDING!!! So please please please help me out!!!!

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  6. Wow, amazing!

    If they sell it at a toystore, it must have all sorts of weird e-ingredients, preservatives, chemicals and loads and loads of sugar in it.

    I has the allure of a tanker filled with red bull, probably keeps you awake for a week while seeing midgets chase leprechauns on pink unicorns!

    Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!

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