The Cakes of Shibuya

Going to a cake store in Japan is a very special experience.  The cakes you’ll see are all quite rich, individual works of art delicately presented in individual plastic sleeves and cardboard boxes.  They are usually not so cheap.  Around AUD $5 will buy you a 1/10 piece of a cake, while a whole 20cm chocolate cake can easily run over AUD $30 (and somewhere north of $50 for the bigger version at the boutique cake store near my house).  I must say, though, that on the occasion I bought one, it was indeed a very, very good cake.

So, when I see cakes like these at a shop somewhere between Omotesando and Shibuya, a more upmarket area of Tokyo:

Magic cakes

Cakes that look this good + upmarket area of Tokyo + no price tags = don’t even bother asking about the price.  At least the shop had the courtesy to share their creations in the shop window for the passers-by.  Looking may be enough in this case – cutting into one would feel like vandalism.


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