Whereupon my childhood fantasy gland explodes

I don’t like to drop The Science on you too much, but scientifically speaking, the only way this could possibly be cooler is if this was wailing a power chord on a Stratocaster on top of a windswept cliff in a circa 1987 music video:


That’s right: Japan has finally built a giant robot.  This is the long-awaited 1:1 scale model of one of the robots from the extremely popular Gundam cartoon series. How big is it? Plenty big enough to crush me and the other 400 puny humans taking photos on this particular afternoon:

Gundam observes puny humans

As you’ll see, it’s not quite open yet.  The structure has been complete for about a week or so, but won’t be fully open until next month.  Actually, it gives me an excellent excuse to go back for a second look because each night it will light up, move, spew smoke and kill everyone in a one kilometer radius (probably).


The attention to detail is incredible – check out the decals on the arms and legs.



Honestly?  If civilisation has to end, I think I’ve made my choice about how that should happen.


You can find some shots of the Gundam all lit up during a test run too, which I’m deeply enviously about since I’ll have to wait until I go back again next month – me and half of Tokyo, most likely.

If you happen to be in Tokyo and want to see Gundam, go to Daiba Station on the Yurikamome line then walk to nearby Shiokaze Park. When your gob has been smacked, you’ll know you’re there.


4 thoughts on “Whereupon my childhood fantasy gland explodes

  1. When Robotech’s annoying songstress, Minmei, met 1:1 Gundam…..

    “Stage lights flashing,
    The feeling’s smashing.
    My heart and soul belong to you.
    And I’m here now, singing.
    All bells are ringing.
    My dream has finally come

    Ahhh……how’s the serenity?

  2. Ok, I missed it and hate myself now.

    I want to go back to Japan someday in the future, but really, all it takes is another Gundam and I’m there the next day!

    I do think however, when the robot overlords will descend upon the earth in order to enslave humanity and crush our civilization, it should say “all your base are belong to us”. Just to complete it.

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