Zonbi flicks

After returning from a week or so of unrelenting presentations, meetings and get-togethers in Kyoto last week*, I felt that this shelf of movies at my local DVD store nicely reflected my rather exhausted state of being:

Japanese zombie flicks

I’m impressed that they had the forethought to divide scary moves into both “horaa” and “zonbi” sections.

Accordingly, once I am returned from my ghastly state of un-living betwixt the mortal realm and that of the eternally damned, onward ho to more substantial posts!

* Actually, it was good fun, but moasting (thanks Joel) is the best new word I’ve heard in ages, so I thought I’d give it a spin.


2 thoughts on “Zonbi flicks

  1. Zombie flicks? I can’t believe I didn’t catch those in our travels! You are right, though – travelling around Japan, meeting new people, eating fantastic food (particularly Okonomiyaki) and visiting interesting places is just SO exhausting. Dammit.

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