Cut it from right to left, thanks

Seen on the Tokyo subway:

If you speak a language which is written from left to right, you might be forgiven for thinking this clinic is actually selling a treatment for hair loss.  Every “before and after” shot I’ve ever seen goes from left to right.  Is this just a quirky ad, or maybe there’s something else at play here?

Just on this topic: after two years in Japan, I finally got my first haircut on Japanese soil!  I’m perversely proud of how long I held out after my horror at seeing the unintended result of an ex-pat friend’s trip to the barber: a completely defoliated scalp.  It ended up being pretty straightforward, and in a area where a haircut seems to cost an exorbitant amount, it was a bargain at $10.


2 thoughts on “Cut it from right to left, thanks

  1. Okay, that was the “something else” I was ambiguously referring to 🙂 I did a bit of a hunt online for before and after pics in Japan, and most of the other ones I found were left to right. So, I’m kind of confused as to the prevailing style.

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