Space oddity

Seen while traveling up north to the town of Koriyama during the Silver Week five-day long weekend in Japan:

I originally thought this was a clever ad for the Japanese version of the Beastie Boys, but the signs say:

New virus strain protection

For infection prevention; for personal use

Personal set:
50 day rental – $150 AUD
14 day rental – $110 AUD

Now, Japan is a fairly health-conscious country through the use of face masks and the like, but “personal use” hazard suits to stop you getting the ‘flu? If this is the correct interpretation, I’m thinking it was a pretty optimistic entrepreneur who thought people would start getting around town dressed like this.  I might rent one, turn up to work and see if anyone says anything.


One thought on “Space oddity

  1. This is the kind of suit that veterinarians are wearing here to protect themselves from Hendra virus, but I don’t think flu is a good enough reason to look that silly.

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