It’s that little gap that makes all the difference

Among its many fine qualities, I think I like this packaging’s enthusiasm the most:

Taken at face value, “Easy & Surprise” will no doubt both prove to be extremely accurate.


5 thoughts on “It’s that little gap that makes all the difference

  1. Funny as He!!

    But can you tell me why oh why is the “english” version of this product name the largest thing on this box? I presume it is being marketed domestically?

    • Ah, that’s because English is regarded as exotic and sophisticated, so it’s frequently used on beauty products.

      Bonus tangential story! In a similar vein, lots of the women appearing in fashion photos in Japan (particularly lingerie) are Westerners. I didn’t know exactly why this was until a co-worker offered an explanation to me. She said that if Japanese models with perfect figures were used, the Japanese women looking at them would feel bad that they didn’t live up to lingerie model standards. So, by using exotic, Western models, any difference can be written off to their Western-ness.

      Judging by the reported effects on self-esteem of those seeing photoshopped perfection in fashion mags in Western countries, we need to find a similar trick, pronto.

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