Warming the cockles of your esophagus

It’s getting cold here in Tokyo. It’s nothing you could call Arctic, but it’s almost cold enough to be uncomfortable without a scarf and gloves.  Hey, but it’s only December – there’s still chilly February to look forward to!

One of my favourite things about winter in Japan are warm drinks in vending machines. The contents of vending machines seems to change on a seasonal basis, and come mid-autumn, the red rows for “hot drinks” begin to appear:

The friend of every overworked salary man, cans of coffee, are served piping hot next to hot chocolate, milk tea, lemon tea and green tea:

Even better than the questionable coffee, usually served with a liberal dose of sugar,  is a heated steel canister to keep your hands warm on the walk into work.  Buy one for each hand and you can save money on gloves, you cheapskate you.


2 thoughts on “Warming the cockles of your esophagus

    • Done. I’ll see if I can find you any other strange ones too – with winter here, there have been some corkers appearing in the vending machines.

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