The rug you plug into a wall

Happy New Year! Let’s all agree to call this year “twenty-ten” rather than “two thousand and ten”. It sounds so much more futuristic that way. Every time I see the number “2010” written on a poster somewhere, I let out a low whistle. I actually made it to the future. I am very proud of myself.

One of the reasons I know I live in the future is because of this:

That’s right, I have rug technology!  Oh, what’s that, you do too?  Well, if you’ve got good eyes you might have noticed this:

That’s right, I have an electronic rug. I had no idea such things existed.

Actually, it’s called hotto kaapetto in Japanese (hot carpet), which is a pretty accurate name, really. There’s nothing like curling up on a warm piece of carpet on a chilly winter night to read a book. According to the box, it’s four times more efficient than a wall mounted heater, so you can also warm yourself in the false belief that you’re really a kind person towards the environment.

Not only does it heat the floor, but it also nicely takes the chill off the room as the temperature heads down to zero degrees.  My previously numb fingers are thanking me for my little environmental indiscretion.  It’s hard to type in gloves.


9 thoughts on “The rug you plug into a wall

    • Actually, it’s not the only heating, no. My apartment is divided up into two spaces with a wall in between. One room has an air con unit, but the air flow is not designed to heat both. So, one room will be nice and warm while the other is arctic.

      By the way, are you still in a winter wonderland over that way?

      • Nah, back to the usual program of rain, steel grey skies and the wet kind of cold that seeps into your marrow… lovely.

        In theory we are heading back into some snow over the next couple of days but it looks like the SE corner will miss it.

        Feb last year was when we had the big dumps though, so there is still plenty of chance for more.

        You get much in Tokyo this year?

      • No, we generally don’t get much snow in Tokyo at all. We got one day’s worth a year ago, which was nice for the novelty of a white blanket over everything before it all melted away again.

        After spending two weeks heavily snowed in Canada over Christmas the year before last, this Australian finally realised how quickly snow can lose its appeal. I’d been led astray by years of greeting cards.

    • It was around $50, which I thought was quite reasonable. A cat would spend its entire winter on one of these, except to eat.

      It seems strange to me that I’ve only heard these exist in Japan so far. I asked the Canadian connection, who must know a thing or two about heating, and they’d never heard of it. Putting an electric blanket on the floor is a pretty simple idea, but it works very well.

  1. Are they 220-240V compatible, or only 110V? What about chair castors – would they wreck the wiring? Sounds like an import opportunity!

  2. I was waiting for flying cars, lightsabers, androids, global thermonuclear war and zombies after that as a signal that I had made it to the future…

    Thanks for the heads up, I was almost beginning to think I had somehow missed it!

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