‘Tis the season to be sudsy

How tacky: it’s almost the end of January, yet they still have their “Happy Bath Day” decorations up.  This random pharmacy has no class.


4 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to be sudsy

  1. I must ask… what do the Japanese people in the stores think of you taking photos of their random “English” ads, while chuckling merrily to yourself?

    • I usually try to be fairly discreet, but they probably just think “Crazy tourist”. They get to explain it away and I get my photo, so everyone’s happy.

  2. Very interesting, but when WAS Bath Day, and what is the background to the event? Surely it is not for one’s annual bath! The advert seems to be aimed at the motherly types, who yearn to take one of these disheveled models home, and domesticate / tame him.

    • I’m assuming this is just “funky” English used by this cosmetics company, and that there’s no national Bath Day holiday declared (yet). I think what makes this amusing for me is the androgynous boy band behind who seem to be posing as aged care workers, ready to help grandma into the bath.

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