My geeky valentine

Japan celebrated Valentine’s Day today, just as it was in many other countries.  I’ve written about the peculiarities of Valentine’s Day in Japan before, but one of the interesting things about the Japanese take on it is that only girls give chocolates to guys on 14 February.  Guys reciprocate one month later on White Day, March 14.

So, put yourself in the position of a girl who wants (or is obligated) to buy something for a young fellow.  But she’s just about to meet up with him and she’s chocolate-less – there’s no time!  Additionally, she know that he’s of a geeky persuasion – what to do?

Luckily, well-stocked Japanese convenience stores come to the rescue with an emergency Valentine’s chocolate display:

Ah, but way down there on the bottom shelf, a gem!  Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed chocolates!  For the un-initiated, Neon Genesis Evangelion is an immensely popular manga (comic) based on giant robots saving humanity from an alien invasion – now available in romantic chocolate form!  I mean, really, how can you go past an “AU Assault Rifle Chocolate”:

Inside is one solid block of chocolate embossed with, yes, the assault rifle used in the manga:

A pretty good likeness, wouldn’t you say?

And this in my very normal corner store, not some exotic Akihabara specialty store.  Japan’s got the important geek demographic covered more than anywhere else I know.


3 thoughts on “My geeky valentine

    • The nice thing about Japanese Valentine’s Day is that no matter what your relationship status, you’re likely to get something. So let me be coy and say that what I got was very nice 🙂

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