They pulsed with the might of the almost psychic

In Akihabara (a.k.a. electronic geek heaven) last weekend, the following interesting assembly could be spied in front of Yodobashi Camera’s flagship store: about 30 people standing in a loose mob playing their Nintendo DSes.

I wish I had brought my DS with me to see what they were doing.  I tried to surreptitiously look over the shoulder of multiple players, but the glare off the screen defeated me each time.  There were no signs advertising what they were up to, or even if they were playing the same game.

There’s something intriguing about seeing such a large number of people wordlessly sharing the same experience.  Once we can embed something like a DS in our brains, enabling us to communicate thoughts instantly over wireless protocols, the creation of a psychic class of humans will be complete.  Likewise, a non-psychic class will also be instantly, unwillingly created.  Those who don’t have a DS-like implanted chip will be forever on the outside, knowing that whatever we can’t join in with must be totally, life-changingly amazing.

For now, our crude psychers have to stand around on the street, leaning against trees and trying to look nonchalant, manipulating their thoughts over the air with cheap plastics, electronics and manual dexterity.   It will have to do for now.  Sigh.


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