The press of the rush

More fooling around with my new camera acquisition, this time filming a typical evening rush hour commute between two Tokyo subway stations. Things to watch out for:

  • People gripping the door frame to jam themselves into the carriage;
  • Me pressed up against the door from the weight of people behind me;
  • Two hundred people crammed into the carriage, but everyone is virtually silent the whole time, with nary a sneeze;
  • The guy wearing a mask behind me, who notices my casual attempt to aim the camera over my shoulder;
  • The rows upon rows of apartment buildings and convenience stores lit up.

In related news, turns out the RRP of the TX7 in Australia is double what I paid at Amazon Japan!  If you use the exchange rate from a year ago, sure, but the Aussie dollar has been climbing ever upwards towards parity with the yen of late.  Sony Australia says they’re out of stock, so it seems even they don’t expect to sell any at that price.


2 thoughts on “The press of the rush

  1. When you come out of the station and across the buildings is eerily reminescent of Blade Runner. Or any one of those dark gothic cyber movies. Fascinating.

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