Tower burger terror

This is the limited-time-only Tower Cheeseburger from Lotteria, a popular burger chain in Japan and other parts of Asia:

Yes, for about $12, this 10-patty-and-slices-of-cheese in a confectionery-grade bun “Lotteria challenge” can be yours.  I see a pickle hiding up there, so with the vegetable food group represented, we can safely assume there are no health issues.

Funnily enough for a country that eats relatively healthily, this isn’t the first time that Japan has been lured by stomach-bursting fast-food challenges like this one.  Last year, Burger King ran a 7-patty monster in conjunction with the Windows 7 launch last year:

The poster advertises it as an “American-sized burger”, with 13 cm and 113 g of beef patty.  At least it’s not adorned with half a kilo of cheese.  The first thirty people to a store each day got it for about $10, everyone else after that paid around $18.50.

One of my co-workers attempted to eat this and reported that it was really, really disgusting.  Who would have thought?

On the plus side, if Japan can keep this up for long enough, there could be a flow-on demand for new types of clothes tailored to suit more “American-sized” consumers.


4 thoughts on “Tower burger terror

  1. Looking at the two burgers, I’d say the Windows 7 Whopper would be worse than the 10-stack tower only because at least the 10-stack has something between the meat patties. The 7-stack is just salad on an enormous block of not-very-nice meat.

    Had the Windows 7 Whopper had salad and cheese between each patty (and was magically rendered gluten free) I’d be there. Especially if the salad included extra pickles and beetroot 🙂

  2. If you added beetroot, that would make it the Aussie Windows 7 Whopper, which due to patents can only be sold in Aus. You’ll have to petition your local burgery.

  3. I actually tried the limited edition 7 whopper and it was the most awful experience I ever had. Made you realize that the meat actually tastes likes paper. On the positive side, I never visit a BK again. 😉

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