The wacky table wacky game

Last time I checked, video game arcades in the West were more or less dying, unable to compete against home consoles.  In Japan, however, game companies are constantly finding new experiences for gamers that they just couldn’t get at home.  For example, I don’t think we’ll be seeing this game on the PS3 or anywhere outsides of Japan any time soon.  It’s translated as “Super Flip The Table Over!”.

The controller you can see is a table, which you can hit with your palms as well as lift up.  The basic idea seemed to be that you are placed in a variety of maddening social situations, like your wife nagging you at the dinner table, your boss is drunkenly telling you off at a work party, or your  kids are misbehaving.

As your in-game character’s stress rises, you start hitting the table in anger to earn points.  When things reach a point of high tension, you can grab the table controller and fling it over.  The table in-game flies across the room, everything that was on it goes everywhere and carves a destructive path through decorations, furniture and diners alike, racking up points.

I really wanted to give this a go, but I’m wondering if it’s a sneaky test to see who is most likely to scale a clock tower in the near future.

See it in action:


2 thoughts on “The wacky table wacky game

  1. I’ll be waiting for the Wii Table add-on to be released.

    Nice touch with the slo-mo cake fling as well – even down to the bride’s petulant cry.

  2. It’s like Burnout at a wedding reception – awesome!

    > I’ll be waiting for the Wii Table add-on to be released.
    +1 to that.

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