The Franken-furter and Taco-bomination

You have to love a country where the food is so good, the bar so high, that you’ve got to do some pretty outlandish stuff to stand out from the pack.

Mos Burger is a very popular chain here in Japan.  If you have to eat fast food, this would be near the top of the list, if only for the fact that they make burgers on demand rather than having them sit soggily under a light bulb for a half hour.

Apparently, they’re branching out from burgers now.  Say hello to the nan bread taco:

… and the nan bread chorizo curry (tandoori?) dog:

Mos Burger must be so successful that their execs are making bets to see what they can get away with without getting fired now.

That said… they both look pretty tasty.


3 thoughts on “The Franken-furter and Taco-bomination

  1. mmm I do love mos burger. Wish they’d open outside of Asia.

    Not sure about the taco, but I’d eat the chorizo curry dog! nom!

  2. Well, I tried the nan bread taco tonight – can’t say I’d give it top marks, but it’s definitely nan + taco. Photos soon, but it wasn’t pretty…

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